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    Anyone else experiencing sound cutting in and out on their PowerBeats 3? Tried turning device and headphones on and off. Bluetooth still has become choppy. Hoping sweat/moisture hasn't caused damage to them.
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    02-22-2017 01:28 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Hopefully, the members who use the same headset as you will reply soon.
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    02-22-2017 02:29 PM
  3. Quis89's Avatar
    I have not noticed this issue with my Powerbeats 3 unit. My wife has been using them for the last week and a half and hasn't mentioned anything either. Have you tried disconnecting them and re-establishing the connection?
    02-22-2017 03:03 PM
  4. comiken205's Avatar
    Funny you mention this. My son says his cuts out. He has to turn off the headset and turn it back on. He is on a Samsung S6. His iPhone7 arrives today so we shall see if that helps any.
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    02-22-2017 03:06 PM
  5. Fable's Avatar
    You can also try to enter settings on your iPhone, click Bluetooth, hit the "i" next to your Powerbeats 3. Forget the Device. Allow it to re-pair with the iPhone and make sure nothing else is on that it is also paired with. I have been quite a distance from my iPhone and kept a connection so I'm guessing it is not distance.

    I sweat daily in mine and haven't had an issue but there are threads on the Apple Store that folks do believe sweat / moisture caused problems.

    If resyncing the device doesn't work, your best bet is to open a repair ticket with Beats: https://www.beatsbydre.com/support/service-warranty

    You are still within your one year warranty.
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    02-23-2017 04:06 PM

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