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  1. ulnek's Avatar
    Hi. Is there anyway to have my phone save all Instagram posts I make into it's own album/folder instead of just the recents? I'm used to having my Instagram posts being saved automatically in an Instagram album/folder whenever I post something.

    I would also like to have images I save from an app be saved in it's specific album/folder automatically. On my old phone, whenever I download something from an app like reddit or something, or edit a photo in an app, the phone will make an album/folder for that app and save everything I download/make from that app in that album.

    Do I have to manually move these things myself? I don't know if that's a setting thing somewhere that I am still not aware of. Thank you.
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    04-06-2021 11:50 PM
  2. Annie_M's Avatar
    I am unaware of such a setting. There is a setting in Instagram that allows you to save your photos onto your iPhone. And then you can move them to a designated folder. Here are a couple of links, one from Instagram Help, and the other from Apple Support. They will guide you through this process.



    If there is a way to save the photos from Instagram to a specific folder, hopefully, someone will share how. If I find a way, I'll definitely post it here.
    04-07-2021 12:36 PM