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Why won’t my iPhone 12 Pro Max charge wirelessly?

Asked: Dec 12 2020 | 8:16 pm EST 2439 Views 4 Answers View Best Answer

I have just made the swing from Android to Iphone after about 15 years of never having or using Iphone. The problem i have is my Brand New Iphone 12 pro Max 256gb doesn't like Wireless charging on a Mophie 10w charger. It goes on the stand it is picked up and starts to charge after 1 minute the charger starts to flash "double white light" and does so until I remove the phone.
I have tried turning the phone off and placing it on the charger and it does the same thing. If I put an Android phone on it, it works well. I have tried Iphone 11 and works well. I have tried multiple wireless devices on the Mophie 10w charger and they all work, all other than my Iphone 12 Pro Max 256gb.
So the question is does the Pro Max 12 have issues with wireless charging or could it just be my phone? I have gone through the process of elimination to see if it is the charger itself. Any feedback would be great thanks in advance.

Best Answer

Dec 12 2020 | 8:28 pm EST Just_Me_D

It has been reported that some iPhone 12 users have expressed wireless charging issues and Apple is allegedly aware of the problem and is allegedly working on a fix.

Feel free to contact Apple Support for verification.

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Dec 13 2020 | 12:56 am EST metllicamilitia

I don't know what Apple has said, however, from my own testing it appears to be an issue caused by the MagSafe magnets. One of my wireless chargers it won't work on at all. I do have a Mophie that it has to be offset a little to charge.

Dec 13 2020 | 3:18 am EST fredriks

It has to with MagSafe , is iPhone 12 with MagSafe really Qi certified ?. I have heard that in cars with built in Qi charger there is a lot of problems because those charger don’t recognise the phone. iPhone 12 works well with MagSafe chargers but there is a big chance they won’t with other Qi chargers.

Dec 14 2020 | 2:06 am EST Damien_Eternal

My iPhone 12 Pro works with any Qi wireless charger I put it on. No issues. I know two people with the Pro Max, they don't have issues either.