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FaceID and rear camera not working on almost brand new iPhone 11

Asked: Sep 18 2020 | 5:24 am EDT 278 Views 2 Answers

I have an iPhone 11 and after a drop that shattered the screen - FaceID and the rear cameras don't work (black screen/freeze)(front camera still works). I used to be an apple technician but i have no clue as to what has gone wrong here.
The cables are all intact (no tear), the connectors are clean with no bend pins.
I changed the display correctly, and ambient light sensor works - but i seems like i'm not picking up any infrared light from the DOT projector.
Also the x0,5 camera worked for a couple hours, but then that stopped working as well.
Portrait mode also doesn't work (Is that because of the DOT-projector or is that another sensor?)
I have tried DFU reset, Erasing and normal resetting. Also reseating the connectors multiple times.
Any clues?
Thank you - cheers

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Sep 18 2020 | 8:06 am EDT kataran

Welcome to iMore

It seems that the drop did more damage then just a cracked screen

I would get it diagnosed by an Apple Genius
Sep 18 2020 | 9:22 am EDT Lee_Bo

Also, since the device was only launched a year ago, if you have AC+ then I would have suggested a replacement device. But since you've already opened the device, that's probably not an option now.