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    I have an extra 2014 Mac Mini laying around, and the hosting service for my podcast is raising rates, so I was wondering if I could self host.

    I have fiber and I’m not worried about bandwidth.

    What are the steps to make it serve a podcast? I’m assuming I need to install macOS Server? How would I then make each new episode of the podcast live on the feed? (Making the episode is easy for me, including the metadata, but after that, where do I send it?)


    03-28-2020 05:10 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    03-29-2020 08:05 PM
  3. AndrewPerth's Avatar
    If I understand the original poster correctly, their main problem is inexpensive podcast *hosting* rather than authoring and editing.

    Check whether your Internet Service Provider places limits on the type, rate, count and size of upload requests permitted by your internet access plan.

    Have you hosted your own website and web server before? You will need to rent a domain name, set up a web server, create a publicly accessible website, include an RSS feed on a page of that website, add your podcast episodes to the website and RSS feed, and submit your RSS feed to Apple Podcasts (and optionally, other directories such as Stitcher or Spotify) so that listeners can discover and subscribe to it through their podcasting app of choice.

    Some resources to get started:
    03-30-2020 01:43 AM
  4. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    Hopefully, the information found via the following links will be helpful to you.

    Podcasting 101: What you need to get started on a Mac

    How to turn an old Mac into a server with macOS Server
    macOS Server, $19.99 and only 1.5 stars out of 446 reviews.

    I think I'd look for another alternative.
    03-30-2020 07:44 AM

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