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Iphone 7 myfitnesspal app with Samsung GearS3 myfitnesspal linking

Asked: May 16 2019 | 7:25 pm EDT 818 Views 2 Answers

title sums it up more or less, I have a Iphone 7 (software 12.3) and a Samsung gear 3 Classic (Galaxy watch software :1.8.19021402 or Tizen verzion 4.0.02) .(yes i know they hate each other). I'm currently trying to use the app on my Watch to link up with my phone and it wont send the push notification to my phone to allow them to link up. I have Myfitnesspal and Samsung Galaxy watch apps on my phone and the calorie counter app on my gear 3. I have read i should have both open on my phone and open the one on my watch last and it should give me a push notification to link up and it wont. any ideas (other then saying i need to get an apple watch or a Samsung phone)

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May 17 2019 | 7:21 pm EDT Just_Me_D

Hopefully someone who mixes the iPhone with a non-Apple smartwatch will be along soon to answer your question.
May 18 2019 | 9:11 am EDT Lee_Bo

From the MFP support community :

Check there and you may have to send in a support email. They are pretty good too. Had an issue with a step app not correctly syncing steps and calories correctly. Turned out to be an update issue with the step app.