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    Hello. I have a 2013 Early MBP 15inch. A few days ago while playing a game, the temperature got so hot and my mac automatically shut itself down.

    I tried turning it on, but there were no sound or anything when I tried turning it on (only a faint fan noise could be heard). So, I searched the internet and did SMC, PRAM resets. After I did that, when I started the mac, I heard the starting sound, but the screen was still black (also, the keyboard backlights were not on, the apple logo on the back did not glow, etc). So the next day, I took it the the apple service center, then all of a sudden when the repair guy turned the mac on, the apple logo appeared! But then screen went black (but I could still hear a slight fan noise). The apply guy told me that the board is likely damaged, and added that it might cost about $800 to fix, which I refused. Then I came back to my house and turned the mac back on, and now it seems like it's just fine (in fact I'm using this to write this post)... Can anyone please explain to me what might be going on? Should I be worried?
    12-27-2018 02:59 AM
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    Definitely sounds like something is/was wrong with it. You basically have 3 options, just keep using it until it happens again, deal with Apple to fix it (but yea they charge a fortune), OR go to a 3rd party to fix it. I see this guy on YouTube all the time who fixes Mac laptops. He charges reasonable prices, and actually fixes what's wrong as opposed to just replacing boards until its fixed.

    12-28-2018 10:05 AM

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