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    A few weeks ago I got a new 10S Max. Prior to that I was using a 7 Plus. I have been experiencing a very unusual problem when my new phone is connected to my Audi telephone system via Bluetooth. I am hoping someone here can help me sort this out.

    Sometimes, but not always, during a call the other party cannot hear me. The call has not dropped and I can hear them fine. If I switch to the phone's speakerphone or Airpods the call continues just fine.

    It does not matter whether I called them or they called me. Sometimes it happens at the beginning of a call, other times in the middle. This never happened with my 7 Plus connected to the same vehicle.

    Apple cannot identify the problem but it did happen when I was on the phone with their tech support. Nothing shows up in the Audi forums that I can find. Plenty of general Bluetooth connection issues but nothing so specific or unusual.

    The phone otherwise connects to my Audi audio system fine for all other purposes - music, podcasts and such. It is just this one-sided audio problem that is so unusual and perplexing.

    Has anyone else had this problem or know anyone else who has?

    Any idea what might cause such a strange problem. Is it somehow the new Intel chip in this year's phone?

    I am totally stumped.
    12-11-2018 08:53 PM

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