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    Re: Keller, J. (11 Apr 2017) How to share location and directions with Google Maps. https://www.imore.com/how-share-loca...ns-google-maps

    My son uses Google Maps, but not Messenger. When I send directions to him via Messenger, he does not get them I have to clip the html address and send it to him via [redacted] SMS. I also tried to just send the directions to my car's navigation system, but my son's phone is connected to the car's navigation system. I tried to use the phone icon in Google directions, but it only lets me pick my phone. I can't pick my son's phone.
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    1. You cannot send an iMessage to a non-Apple device, so if your son has an Android device then you can still send him a text message using the Messages app on your device, however, you will have to go to the Messages settings and enable the "Send as SMS" option.

    2. If your car is like mine then when you send directions to the car's navigational system, it will indeed go to the car's navigational system, but not to Google Maps or CarPlay. It doesn't matter whose device is connected to the car.

    3. Can you not just send him the address and then let him do the rest?
    10-21-2018 08:20 PM

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