1. BenitoC's Avatar
    I'm in Canada but have my country set to USA in order to have access to Apple News. I've been using it and liking it on my iPhone and iPad both of which sync, however, with Mojave Apple News is now available on the Mac, but it isn't syncing the topics between iOS and MacOS Mojave. I've checked the settings and see that I have iCloud sent for Apple News. Are there other settings I need to change? There is nothing under Preferences in Apple News on Mojave.
    10-02-2018 06:59 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I just checked the News app on both my MacBook Pro running Mojave and my iPhone running iOS 12.1. All of my subscribed channels are visible on both, and for the most part, the articles are synced. The only difference is the layout. The News app on the MacBook displays more contents than the iPhone for obvious reasons.

    With that in mind, try rebooting both devices to see if they sync correctly for you.
    10-02-2018 08:27 AM
  3. BenitoC's Avatar
    Unfortunately that didn't work. My iOS devices sync my topics but my Mac behaves as if I've never used Apple News before.
    10-03-2018 05:49 AM

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