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  1. anon(10492525)'s Avatar
    Is there a way to export all my photos from iCloud Photo Library as jpg files? I've read the article about backing up the entire library by backing up Apple's file, and I've done that. I also want my photos available outside of Apple's walled garden, as JPEGs. I've done some searching and don't see anything about that so far...


    I accidentally discovered exactly what I was looking for. I exported my library from iPhoto (including all my iCloud photos) and saved it to a flash drive. I opened that flash drive on my Linux box and discovered that it's actually a folder structure. One or two levels down is a folder called Masters that has every photo in a structure based on the date it was taken. I copied the Masters folder over to my own Photos folder and was able to do everything with the JPEGs from there.

    This solution allowed me to move 4 GB of photos and videos in a single operation!
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    07-20-2018 05:05 PM
  2. Sherry_B's Avatar
    If they're not already jpg's, you'll have to convert them manually.
    07-21-2018 12:15 AM
  3. anon(10492525)'s Avatar
    Copying the exported file to flash, opening on Linux, and copying the Masters folder out got me all my JPEGs. Copying the photo folders back to the flash drive allowed me to bring them back to my Mac in a usable form.

    Played around a little and found this other solution:

    After exporting your library, rename it to have the ".zip" extension. Double click it to get a new file with the extension ".zip.cpgz". Double click that and you'll get the top level folder out. (Mine had the file extension ".zip" on it, but it was just a folder. Open that folder and you'll find the Masters folder. There your JPEGs are!
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    07-26-2018 06:27 PM

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