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I am a new member, please help everyone

Asked: May 28 2018 | 2:24 am EDT 1920 Views 8 Answers View Best Answer

All the hype around Star Wars right now and I don't even really watch it, but some of my family is really excited about it so what are some really cool presents I can find for them for Christmas?? Like is there stuff they can use with their iPhones?

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May 28 2018 | 9:39 am EDT Just_Me_D

Go to Amazon dot com and enter “Star Wars iPhone” in the search field to see a plethora of items that you may be interested in getting for your family. Welcome to iMore, by the way...

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May 28 2018 | 3:25 am EDT Spencerdl

Welcome to iMore. You could try getting them some Star War iPhone Cases. Enjoy the forum
May 28 2018 | 6:09 am EDT Rob Phillips

There’s an endless supply of Star Wars paraphernalia so it depends on who you’re buying for. You know your family better than we do.
May 28 2018 | 12:16 pm EDT Sherry_B

Welcome to iMore!

There are also quite a few beautiful handmade items on Etsy. Just search for "Star Wars iPhone" and you'll see quite a few results.
May 29 2018 | 5:01 am EDT wilber1

Welcome to iMore,
If you go to wallpapers and ringtones in the forums there are several Star Wars wallpapers available for their iPhone that our fine members have submitted .
May 29 2018 | 6:13 am EDT robertk328

Amazon's the way to go, but unless there's a new movie coming out at Christmas (there have been releases at that time) I don't know that I'd buy anything now. The buzz will likely have died down quite a bit by then.
May 29 2018 | 8:19 am EDT Annie_M

Hello and welcome to iMore! I agree that Amazon or Etsy would be the way to go!!! One thing that you need to be sure of is exactly what iPhone model each person has. That will make a difference if you want to buy a iPhone cases for them!
May 29 2018 | 9:10 am EDT MasterDarque

Greetings, as others have mentioned, you could give Star Wars themed cases a try as gifts. I recommend either HEX brand leather cases, or Otterbox Symmetry cases as options. I’ve purchased Star Wars related cases from both companies and have enjoyed using them.