1. colocolo's Avatar
    B4 Opening this, I searched iMore and found nothing in relation to the following question.

    I have a huge library in my Laptop with iTunes. I hardly use it any longer as the Iph and the Mini iPad do most of the leg work PC's and Laptops used to do.

    Wanna/Need to get rid of the Laptop...Then How do I get to my iTunes Library once I am down to just and iPad and an iPh ???
    01-31-2018 10:22 AM
  2. kataran's Avatar
    I would recommend you keep the laptop.

    I too don’t use my laptop much it’s just there to mothership my iDevices
    01-31-2018 01:07 PM
  3. colocolo's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply ... I also posted the same concern in Apple, hopefully they can also help with their imput.

    My Laptop gets harder and harder to digest the Windows updates and anyday I know it's going to crash
    01-31-2018 01:52 PM
  4. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    So are you wanting to access your iTunes library on your laptop once you no longer have that laptop?
    01-31-2018 04:46 PM
  5. colocolo's Avatar
    L_B...Nope, I am asking what do people that have iTunes DO if they do not own a PC, Laptop or a Mac.

    I mean Apple is missing the Boat here..Aren't they ??

    They have not answered my same question to them.
    01-31-2018 05:49 PM
  6. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Subscribing to Music or iTunes Match is what a good deal of people do these days and you don’t need your PC for it.
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    01-31-2018 06:04 PM
  7. johnmoore13's Avatar
    When you log on to iTunes from a device your full library is available! No need for a laptop
    01-31-2018 06:05 PM
  8. Annie_8plus's Avatar
    As I’ve said before, I struggle with iTunes. I’m wondering if you are referring to music that you uploaded to iTunes. I ask this because several years ago, I had loaded a bunch of CDs onto my iTunes and then my laptop crashed and that music was not on iTunes when I tried to access it from my devices and from my PC at work I could not find it. Apparently, that music was stored on my laptop, which at the time was where I had initially set up my iTunes account. Of course I fully suspect that this was my own error but I’m wondering if that’s with the original poster is concerned about… losing music that he loaded onto iTunes.
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    01-31-2018 06:24 PM

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