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  1. Keith Croshaw's Avatar
    iPhone 7
    iOS 11
    Apple Music subscription

    I'm sure the answer is it's not possible. It wasn't on Android either. I want the last thing I was doing in apple music to resume when connect to my car. The problem is if I watch a Youtube video or anything else my car will try to resume that. I have an app called Workflow which launches the right radio station but I have to unlock my phone and launch the workflow. I think even if I get religious about force closing all apps connecting to my car will yield a never ending Loading... Track Title.

    Has anyone mastered this Utopian dream of car on = apple music playing?

    01-09-2018 08:02 PM
  2. Keith Croshaw's Avatar
    Everybody fiddles with thier phone for a minute every time they want they want to play music over Bluetooth?
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    01-11-2018 07:25 PM
  3. TripleOne's Avatar
    Whenever I turn the car on, it automatically connects to my iPhone via bluetooth. All I have to do is choose my desired music/playlist and press play.
    01-11-2018 07:45 PM
  4. Keith Croshaw's Avatar
    On your phone right? I'm searching for some way for it to know, no I don't want to listen to the YouTube video I watching an hour ago and just assume Bluetooth device connect = switch to apple music and play what I was last. I know I'm biased but it seems like such a common desire to just put toggle switch for such a behavior. One can dream I suppose. Or shell out ~$1,000+ for a car play headset installed.
    01-12-2018 06:15 PM
  5. Keith Croshaw's Avatar
    If anyone cares I found on Apple Watch, under Dock, you can add "Now Playing" which might let me start music a little easier. Now if I watch a Youtube video unfortunately that stays as what will start. No perfect solution yet.
    01-15-2018 07:41 PM
  6. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    It probably depends on your vehicle. If I have my truck set to run on my phone it starts playing music as soon as it starts up. Using only the Bluetooth connection.
    01-15-2018 07:56 PM

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