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    At least the last two times the clocks have changed for DST, my iPhone hasn't updated the time automatically. I had to power off the phone then power on again for the clock to update.

    I have Time Zone setting to Automatic. (General > Date & Time > Set Automatically).

    I also have “Setting Time Zone” enabled (Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services > Setting Time Zone)

    Could I be missing another setting?
    Did other people's clock adjust automatically at 2 a.m.?

    iPhone 6 running 11.0.3 on Verizon

    11-05-2017 11:11 AM
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    This is what Apple recommends you try. Let us know if it helps you or not.

    If your device still shows an incorrect date, time, or time zone,2 change each setting instead of using Set Automatically. For example, you might have iOS 9 or earlier and your country or region or government changes the time zone or the observance of Daylight Saving Time (DST). If so, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time.
    2. Turn off Set Automatically.
    3. Now you can change the time zone or the date and time:3
      • Tap Time Zone and enter a city with the time zone that you need. (Not sure which city to enter? Use the time-zone map on timeanddate.com to find a city with a time zone that matches your needs.)
      • Or tap the date to change the date and time.
    11-05-2017 06:36 PM

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