1. Isa Al's Avatar

    Tomorrow I will receive the iPhone X and I want to back up my current phone to iTunes and restore it on the new phone. But I just have a question.

    When I back up and restore I usually make my iPhone on airplane mode, but I am wondering the Whatsapp messages I receive while restoring my data to the new iPhone will be received to the new or old phone? if I keep the internet off on the older phone?

    I usually used to do the back up in mid night when no one talks to me so I wouldn't care, but now I am in a different time zone due to traveling and I have to do the back up and restore while people are messaging me.

    So anyone tried it? Because I don't think Whatsapp works on both phones
    11-03-2017 10:46 AM
  2. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    If it's in Airplane Mode as you backup the messages won't be received anyway.
    11-03-2017 05:18 PM

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