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    Bought my first MacBook and have a small collection of music (4k songs).

    Q1. I would like to know where to place them. I know it seems like the “Music” folder would be simple answer but at the Apple Store since I told them I am Super picky about my tags and how things are set up to create a new folder in “Users>Shared folder.

    I would appreciate any thoughts on this.

    Q2. Can I create new folders in the Finder view on the left and have them there permanently (perhaps a folder I call Our Music) or any other name too?

    Q3. Where to put “Photos” I know I am asking silly questions, but again I was told there are two ways. Either let the app Photos take care of them, or we manually place them in a folder we wish.

    Q4. Since it is a MacBook I set the top bar to auto hide, so as to have more screen. I have noticed when I bring the mouse (got a Magic Mouse 2 with it) up to the top of the screen, the top bar does not always appear on first try. Think anything to be concerned with, or just when you auto hide it, it sometimes can be a little wonky?

    So you know our info, We only setup one account on the Mac, wife and I share everything, we are used to filing our photos in folders we create such as- Family, Vacations, Children, Pets, etc. And not having anything even have a chance at messing up our music tags very important to us.

    Thank you so much for any help.
    We are having fun with the MacBook, but we keep getting different answers depending on who we talk to at Apple Store.
    11-03-2017 03:04 AM
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    Welcome to iMore.

    1. I allow iTunes to manage my music. I'm not fussy about how it is arranged. Just want it in alphabetical order. So I won't be much help here. Hopefully someone comes along and can help further.

    2. Yes you can create folders and have them in the sidebar of Finder. Create the folder in the location you want it. Then open to the folder you created in Finder and just drag it to the sidebar. Very simple to do. I do it all the time.

    3. This is how I manage my photos. I have created my own filing system similar to what you mentioned. This is where I am very particular about how things get stored. I've tried Photos and am not a fan. Creating my on filing system allows me to easily manage and find my photos. I use the Pictures folder that comes with the Mac and have created a sub-folder system by date and name that works extremely well. Yes it is more work manually arranging my photos but when I go to find something I know exactly where it is.

    4. Nothing to worry about. It will happen on occasion.

    Hopefully I have helped you with some of your questions and that other members will come along and add additional infomation to assist you. Thanks.
    11-03-2017 09:33 AM

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