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    So last night, straight out the blue, my screen froze. I mean, the only thing i could do was slide down for notifications, sleep/wake the phone, and unlock it. I couldnt power the phone down or attempt a hard reset. So after research, i found that on the newer devices, the force restart method has changed. So, i done that and it worked(thank God). My issue is, whats up with the software?! Some people say IOS hasnt been anygood since like 6 or 7? My apps do this jumping type motion on the screen which is annoying as well(i turned on reduce motion and that fixed that). But i never had to do that before. I also noticed in iMessage, i cant scroll all the way to see the last message?! Once i attempt to type a text it fixes itself. Sheesh! Is it any relief coming for all these bugs! Or is this what it is? I used to be excited when a new version of IOS drops but idk now.....
    10-29-2017 06:27 AM
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    1. I’ve not experienced any of the things you’ve mentioned.
    2. People stating that iOS hadn’t been any good since v6 or 7 are just stating their ‘personal’ opinions. Take it with a grain of salt, so to speak.
    3. To me, it appears you may have a corrupt setting of some sort and it’s possible your installed iOS version has been corrupted.
    4. If it were ‘me’, I’d put the device in DFU mode then have iTunes install a fresh copy of the latest official iOS version. Afterwards, I’d set it up as a new device, not from a backup.
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    10-29-2017 06:48 AM
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    I agree 100%, and echo D's advice.
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    10-29-2017 08:40 PM

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