1. iMore Question's Avatar
    I have an iPad Air 2 and I have had my iPad for a while, and the Game Center was here before and now it's gone! I don't know what happened!
    08-06-2017 11:00 AM
  2. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    Apple removed Game Center some time ago. I want to say it was with iOS 10. All your game information is still saved and there are still achievements, but the social part is gone.
    08-06-2017 11:21 AM
  3. Sherry_B's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore!

    iMore has a really nice article about this and how you can stiill use it with the app icon now being gone. There's still some of the social aspect there, but it's definitely different than it was before.

    08-06-2017 01:25 PM
  4. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Game center is done in the game apps now. Those games that participate should have a game center option in the app. Like in this Ball Hop game:

    08-06-2017 02:17 PM

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