1. randyoaks187's Avatar
    I am looking for a battery pack to charge both my MacBook and iPhone. I would like it to have built in cables. I have seen things that are close (that either have USB-C and Micro-USB, or Lightning and Micro-USB, but none with USB-C and Lightning). Including a wall plug would be a plus but not required.

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    05-24-2017 09:44 PM
  2. Larry Cook1's Avatar
    I have a Qualcomm 20 which has USB and lightning port.
    05-25-2017 05:05 AM
  3. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    That's a big order. I have both a 7 Plus and a Galaxy S8 Plus and would love that. Have never seen one though. I carry a Mophie or a Nexxtech power bank with dual USB ports. Then I just carry a USB to lightning cable and a USB to USB-C cable. Sure would make it a lot easier if one was available.
    05-25-2017 08:49 AM
  4. randyoaks187's Avatar
    Yea, just trying to cut down on the cables when i travel. The two links i added are about as close as i can find
    I hope by iPhone 9 Apple dumps lightning for USB-C. That would make life a lot easier.
    05-25-2017 09:28 AM

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