1. iMore Question's Avatar
    My iPhone6 forgets which song/playlist I was listening to when I unplug headphones for a couple hours. I am on a trip to Hawaii and don't know what to do or where to go. Googled and found TCAWireless as the best place. Should I go? Is there a fix? Please suggest
    05-02-2017 02:35 AM
  2. robertk328's Avatar
    I can't say that I've paid attention to actual songs/playlist are on there, but I have had a similar issue where the phone does not recognize what I was listening to after a few hours when pressing the button on my EarPods.

    I'm sure that info is cached in there somehow and gets cleared. Hopefully someone with the technical terms will know!

    Please register for the forums and reply to this thread so we can help you further.
    05-02-2017 07:08 AM
  3. Tartarus's Avatar
    I don't have any technical insights in the working of Music but I can corroborate that Music sometimes does forget what playlist was played.
    Since I always start over I haven't had the need for Music to remember where I stopped listening in a playlist.

    Hopefully Apple will solve this issue in the near future.
    05-02-2017 07:13 AM

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