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    My MP3 Player finally bit the dust and, by the look of it, the thing practically outlived its own market. So, I'm exploring how to replace it. I have nearly 9700 songs, a good chunk of which are Audible audiobooks and dialogue files from certain computer games. Nearly all are MP3 format, WMA/MPEG-4, and Audible AA. I'm open to the idea of getting a 32 gb iPod or even a second iPhone to act as a music player, but am curious about whether it's possible to upload it all to iCloud and play it from there. Preferably with my playlists all staying in their proper order. If that's possible, and I'd certainly appreciate being able to save the cash, please tell me how. Details are most appreciated. If it isn't possible, please tell me that too. Either way, thanks in advance for your help.
    04-14-2017 12:03 AM
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    Are all these songs stored locally somewhere besides just on the MP3 Player?

    If stored on a computer I would suggest the following route:

    1. Download iTunes
    2. Import your song library into iTunes (make sure you create and are signed into an itunes account)
    3. Depending on how many gigs available on your current iPhone you could simply plug into your computer and sync the iTunes library to your iPhone.
    4. You could also purchase a cheap android handset that has SD card slot expansion and load your music library on there as well.

    Alternatively, have you considered any music streaming services? A lot of them have free trials (I think Apple Music still has a free 3 month trial). Most services end up being $9.99/month. If you think about it over the course of a year still might be cheaper than purchasing a secondary device.

    Let me know a little more about your current set up!

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    04-14-2017 03:42 PM

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