1. Purley194's Avatar
    I had an Ipad 4 for years with no problems. I bought an Ipad Air2 last August and almost immediately I started having problems in email with the ipad keypad freezing. Hallway through an email I could type letters but not numbers. When I pressed the number keypad - nothing happened.

    It does not happen in every single email. I can press Cancel and save draft and retrieve the draft and I can then use the numbers again. Or I can turn the Ipad off and on and that fixes it temporarily as well. After various suggestions by Apple, they eventually exchanged my ipad for a brand new one. Almost immediately, I started having the same problem.

    Once again I discussed resetting the ipad as a brand new ipad etc. etc. Nothing worked.

    An Apple salesman at Staples suggested that the problem might be a conflict with an app that I have on the iPad. He suggested resetting it as new and installing the apps one by one and typing emails, to see if and when the problem emerged.

    I thought I could eliminate this hassle by buying an Ipad Pro 9.7. So yesterday, I bought one. The VERY first email I tried typing. The keypad froze. So obviously it's not a problem with the iPad - its a problem with what I have on the iPad.

    I just wondered if anyone could suggest what type of app might do this? It doesn't happen on my iPhone 6. I have most of the apps that I have on the iPad on the iPhone. However, I type a lot faster on the iPad keypad. Not sure if the speed at which I type would make the keypad freeze.

    I guess while I have two iPads (I was going to sell the Air2 if I did not get the problem on the Pro) I will do as the guy at Staples suggested and re-install the apps one by one, starting with the ones I really need - such as my bank app!

    If anyone has any suggestions as to whether a third party app would be causing this problem or if I am just allergic to iPads - I would appreciate hearing.
    03-12-2017 11:12 AM
  2. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    I had an issue with SwiftKey not working on email. I think I disabled SwiftKey in settlngs > Keyboards, did a hard reset of the phone, then enabled SwiftKey back. No problems since. Does the stock keyboard do that way, or only 3rd party?
    03-12-2017 11:18 AM
  3. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    It has to be a rogue app or a corrupt setting / iOS, especially if you restored from a backup. If so, you might have restored the problem. Start from scratch. Put the device in DFU mode, and then have iTunes install a fresh copy of iOS. Afterwards, set the device up as new.
    03-12-2017 11:29 AM

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