1. iMore Question's Avatar
    I'm making alot of movies for upload on youtube. Good platform to use?
    02-27-2017 08:31 AM
  2. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    The Mac mini is a great stand alone computer. Have you also looked into some type of NAS like a Synology? That is what I am using to host all of my media and it works magnificently!
    02-27-2017 02:12 PM
  3. Mac Guy's Avatar
    If you're doing light editing and little to no rendering, any modern mini should be fine. I'd consider nothing less than a 2010 (C2D CPU). If you find one with only 8GB RAM you can later upgrade to 16GB.

    If time is a consideration and/or you're doing a lot of rendering, then I'd consider a 2012 mini with it's superior GPU, and maybe try to find one with an i7 (quad-core processor). I use this and rendering is much faster than the C2D mini. Using iSTAT menus I can see all cores firing when I render with VLC. Handbrake is also multi-core aware.

    Memory for either of those minis is older now and a little pricey.

    The 2014 mini doesn't have replaceable memory so you're stuck with whatever you get. I don't think there's a quad-core version available, but if you're not rendering, it's moot.
    02-28-2017 05:49 PM

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