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    when i try to update or download an app, or access the app store, etc., my iphone asks me to "enter the password for the apple ID [redacted] that is my work email, but i am not aware of having an apple id at that email. I do have my own personal Apple ID associated with my personal email. So, i went on the apple site, said i forgot my password, it asked for my apple ID and when i supplied [redacted], Apple says "that ID doesn't exist." Well, i agree with that, but the app store insists that i enter a password for that ID, so i'm in an endless loop.
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    When you go to Settings → iTunes & App Store, what Apple ID is listed? If it is the Apple ID associated with your work then that is what was entered when you set up the device. Sign out of the iTunes & App Store and then sign in with your personal Apple ID and passcode.
    02-13-2017 07:50 PM

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