1. cuttheredwire's Avatar
    I was wondering if you do use diagrams in your writing or other projects, and, of course, what you use? Knowing you like to draw, it seemed like you might also use diagraming tools. Paper by 53 Studios has a diagram specific tool, but it does not scale well (for me, anyway). That said, I know you love that new sketching app, so I can see you using that.

    I looked into tools to create ER (Database) diagrams. Most of the things I found were very expensive. I use draw.io on my MacBook Air and found, to my delight, that it works well on iOS too. In fact, I added to the home screen, which makes it work almost like a native app on my iPad.

    draw.io: Flowchart Maker & Online Diagram Software

    While we're on the topic, ever use MindNode? I have it but never really used it. Anyone else?
    02-12-2017 12:55 PM
  2. Serenity Caldwell's Avatar
    I've never used draw.io, but it looks neat!

    Primarily, I use Notes for straightforward lists, and Linea if I need to properly map something. (Before Linea, I'd just draw diagrams in Notes.)
    02-21-2017 07:56 AM

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