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    my girlfriend's iphone6 shows a message in Whatsapp that she claims to be old (older than 10 months), yet shows a recent time stamp / date. (1 week ago). The message was quite at the top in her inbox.

    The person who contacted her was not in her contact list. But she knows the person and used to have Whatsapp conversations with him.

    My gf says it must be a bug or some type of error. Is this even possible? I've never heard of something like that.
    02-08-2017 04:46 AM
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    Hi, please take a moment to join the forums so you can answer any questions you get asked as well as share your own opinions and experiences with others.

    As for your WhatsApp question. Yes a bug is possible, however, it's unlikely that this kinda bug exists without being reported my many others.

    I'd recommend contacting WhatsApp directly if you/your girlfriend have concerns about message delivery.

    I do feel there is another reason you're asking about messages from 'him' though.
    WhatsApp can block numbers which may be more suited to your needs.

    If you have found a bug then please report back to us as no doubt someone else will ask the forums the question as well
    02-08-2017 06:11 AM

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