1. iMore Question's Avatar
    I think I know the answer to this but just wanted to get confirmation; presumably my iPhone either needs to be connected to the internet via wi-fi and mobile data for Siri to work, correct?

    I've just bought a new VW car and am planning on using Siri for my voice activates calls/text messages, instead of buying VW's Discover Navigation Media System (£850) which I would need to buy if I want to use Voice Activation in my VW car.

    Question is this: will Siri use a lot of data on my dataplan? I don't make many calls at all but I may not always remember to turn mobile data *off* after I've used Siri to dial a number for me.

    Does anyone else use Siri for this purpose (instead of their car manufacturer's voice control/activation system) and has it proved cost effective in the long-term?

    Many thanks!
    02-04-2017 03:21 AM
  2. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Yes, Siri will only work when your device is connected to the internet. I use it all of the time for a variety of functions and it doesn't use up that much data.
    02-04-2017 05:51 AM
  3. dpscott's Avatar
    I've got the 2015 VW Golf with the Discovery Nav (no CarPlay) and use Hey Siri all the time with great success. There is a slight pause as Siri waits for my car Bluetooth to silence the music and be ready but with CarPlay (which I assume you have) you'll be laughing.
    02-04-2017 07:08 AM

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