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    Hi Rene,

    As fellow Montrealer, I'd like to ask, have you cut your cable TV cord yet? If so, what do you use instead?

    Here are some of my watching habits, a mish-mash of both French and English language shows.

    Blue Moon (available on club Illico only)
    Boomerang (TVA and illico on demand)
    District 31 (Radio-Canada and TOU.TV app on Apple TV)
    WestWorld (HBO)
    Game of Thrones (HBO)
    Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
    House of Cards (Netflix)
    Walking Dead (AMC and Netflix if patient)
    Better Call Saul (AMC and Netflix if patient)
    This is Us (NBC, CTV and illico on demand)

    I have on my AppleTV and is free for us Telus mobility clients.
    I also have Netflix on my AppleTV and also a subscriber.

    My goal would be to ditch cableTV altogether and stream everything through AppleTV. I just can't stand that illico set top box and hate even more their interface. It's a real insult to design and everything beautiful on earth.

    What do you think. Is there any mercy in sight for us bilingual Quebecers in sight, before the turn of the decade?

    01-27-2017 07:46 AM
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    I cut the cable cord years ago. Now I subscribe to a few shows in iTunes and watch Netflix, and round it out with some Crave and CityTV apps.

    It's ridiculous we don't have CTV and Global apps for Apple TV yet. The Illico app looks interesting but goes the wrong way for me.

    And yeah, the lack of TV apps is super frustrating.
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    01-27-2017 08:10 AM

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