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    My home wifi (using fiber-optic router) is running normal. I dont have any problems with all my android devices. However, with apple devices, like my iphone7+ or ipad4, everything also running normal (browsing/streaming/etc), except when i go to appstore. Some icons are greyed out. And i cant install any app or do the apps upgrade. When i click "get" or buy any apps, the download process is running. But when the blue-circle indicator reach to full, it just hang there. And after a moment..popup mssg come out saying "unable to download". So what i always do is, before that popup mssg appear, i swicth to 3G connection, so that the apps can be installed to my phone! Very strange!! When i use 3G or LTE, i dont have any problem with apps store.

    Anyone have any idea what i should do? Any setting should i make on the router?

    01-25-2017 09:03 AM

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