1. samduffy's Avatar
    Hi Rene i noticed another apple music issue. When using apple music i noticed i had a song that i purchased a few years ago but the iCloud status is showing as matched and not purchased like the rest of my purchased songs as you can see a purchased date too.

    Do you know why this is happening


    Icloud Status appearing wrong in apple  music-screen-shot-2017-01-24-22.47.50.png
    01-24-2017 04:51 PM
  2. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    Apple Music is still glitchy with that stuff in my experience. It's also really dependent on meta data, so it might be matching it erroneously because the version you have has slightly different data than the one iTunes currently has.

    If it causes an issue, you can flag iTunes Support for help fixing it.
    01-25-2017 01:40 PM
  3. samduffy's Avatar
    Thanks very much Rene
    01-25-2017 01:42 PM

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