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    Okay, so, this is a bit difficult to explain. A few days ago, my phone died, completely out of battery life which was fine, I wasn't too worried but when I got home, my charger was acting up, I had to hold the cable at an angle to get it to charge. Eventually, that did break and I bought a charger, tried two different ones that worked in other apple devices but not my own. I got it to turn on maybe once, it randomly powered on at 100% and I used that up, wouldn't charge so it just died again. I brought it to Verizon where they checked it out, they reset all the settings data and they gave me a new sim, I bought the original Apple charging cable, and, here's the thing, they got it to turn on there but once I charge it at my home it doesn't work and note, I charged it for almost 24 hours now and there's no sign of life, and when it comes on I'd like to factory reset so it'll stop having this issue. Now, something you might suggest is to do something through iTunes, but I'd have to get a code and I can't get a code if my phone won't turn on. Help?
    01-07-2017 12:44 PM
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    Although I could be mistaken, I doubt the problem lies with iOS. Have you tried a different power outlet? Will it power on if connected to your car's USB port, if available? Being that you stated that previously you had to hold your old cable at an angle to get the iPhone to charge, its possible that something inside could be shorted out. Instead of going to Verizon, make a Genius Bar appointment with the nearest Apple Store and let them diagnose and possibly fix the problem.
    01-07-2017 03:01 PM

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