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    So I've got a question. When somebody adds you on Snapchat with his phone number then the 'Added you via Telephonenumber' pops up. The same as when someone added you via username. But what does 'Added you also' mean? The weird part is that the 'Added me' section in Snapchat is ordered chronologic. So the person who 'Added me also' is the second one but I only remember adding that person a couple of years ago because I've deleted my Snapchat and deleted couple of people.
    It's really complicated and I just want to know what that means because I didn't add that person a couple of days ago although it was a couple of years ago. But is that even possible that that person out of the sudden adds me out of the blue when I didn't have him in my Snapchat for years?
    12-28-2016 06:57 AM

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