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    Good evening all and Merry Christmas. I use an iPad mini 2 for various financial things (bills, banking, etc) and run a laptop for general things like browsing and gaming.

    I went on some Football Manager sites on my ipad, via Safari:




    I also clicked on some of the links to have a look at the relevant players' profiles, which throws you to a site called ImageVup.

    The problem is, I looked at these sites today on the laptop and the latter one activates Malwarebytes, which gives 3 or 4 popups which say:

    "Website blocked. You may exclude sites or applicatons from website protection by clicking manage exclusions."

    For 'Domain' it has then said 'link deleted' or 'link deleted' The IP address shown comes up as: or

    Or similar.

    I am now concerned that the iPad could be infected with malware. It hasn't been jailbreaked. I am concerned that, say, a key logger could read my card details if I input them next time I shop using an app. But my main worry is that somehow Safari is now 'infected' so that card details will be accessed next time I shop on a website using the Safari browser.

    You might think, "Well, just shop using apps!" The problem is that not all stores have apps and to buy Kindle books to read on an iPad you have to use the website as you can't buy them on the Amazon app!

    Are these fears valid and what can I do about them, if so?

    Thanks for reading, have a great holiday, folks.
    12-26-2016 03:34 AM

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