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    So I sort of broke my iPhone 6 plus by dropping it.

    My guess: battery was jarred and no longer making electrical contact. (Battery life was really going down, possibly just killed the batter).

    Description of what's going on:

    Dropped my iPhone 6 plus off my night stand. It was in a battery case if that matters. So it was on and mostly charged, turns off. I try to turn it back on but it won't, plug it into the charger and it starts power cycling.

    Apple logo on --> Phone blank --> Apple logo on ---> phone blank ---> ad infinitum

    So I read that there are a number of tricks. One is to restore from iTunes and the other is to hard reset and then hold volume up. Neither of these work, the iTunes restore I cannot even attempt because the phone won't even power cycle unless it is plugged into wall. If it is plugged into computer USB or not plugged in it just stays off. Hard reset and volume up while plugged into wall does nothing.

    Any guesses on diagnosis? How hard would it be to repair.
    12-22-2016 07:49 AM
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    Welcome to iMore.

    No one on the forums can give you a proper diagnosis. And yes they can be hard to repair. I suggest making a Genius appointment with Apple to have it looked at. There could be a couple of things wrong with it.
    12-22-2016 08:52 AM

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