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    I just backed up my 5c in iTunes and restored it to my 7 and the contact list populated the 7 with contacts from my granddaughters 5c instead of mine and the contacts list has her name instead of mine with my number. Please help.
    Thank You
    12-11-2016 12:36 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    You've apparently signed in to iTunes with your granddaughters credentials and restored one of her backups. Logout of iTunes and then log back in with your Apple ID and passcode to restore your own backup.

    Having said that, what you've described has happened to me a couple of times over the years. Somehow, my daughter's contacts ended up on my iPhone. All I did was sign out of iCloud, reboot my device, and then sign back in to correct the problem.
    12-11-2016 07:58 PM

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