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    (Crossposting note: I've also posted this question on discussions.apple.com in thread [redacted] , but did not get a response so far ... seems to be a really tricky problem).

    I'm using iOS 10, using the German user interface. I'm using the Reminder [redacted] App to remind me on certain tasks. Some of the reminders are periodical (repeating) reminders, which - for instance - occur every months.

    Setting up such a reminder is easy, but I don't quite understand, how to "acknowledge" a repeating reminder. To be more precise:

    - If the periodic event occurs, the app reminds me on it. For instance, the event is marked red in the reminder list, and the app shows a count of "1" (non-acknowledged reminders). To this point, everything works as expected.

    - When I have read the reminder (and did the task it reminds me to), the App - naturally! - still shows the reminder. It can't know that I have already dealt with, and keeps me reminding on and on.

    If it were a non-repeating reminder, I would simply erase the reminder (swipe to the left, and press "Löschen", i.e. "delete"). With a repeating reminder, this would work too, but it would also erase the whole reminder, also for the next months, and I would have to recreate the repeating task.

    I need a way to just "unmark" the reminder (so that it is not displayed in Red anymore), abut keep the task. How can I do this?
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    When you select the reminder for that day's occurrence, does it not show the date and time for the next occurrence?
    12-10-2016 11:29 AM