1. iMore Question's Avatar
    It gets almost to the end then says "this iphone cannot be synced as the device is not compatible or the last backup was corrupt".
    I've tried backing up to icloud and itunes, but it keeps giving me the same result.
    The main issue with this is that I lose all my old messages, there is sentimental value in keeping the messages (a friend passed away) otherwise I'd just set it up as a new phone.
    Can anyone help with either the syncing, or maybe just a way to transfer the messages to the new phone?
    11-27-2016 08:50 PM
  2. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! Make sure the version of iOS running on your iPhone 7 is the same or newer than the version of iOS running on your iPhone 6 when the backup was created. This includes any public or developer beta you may have been running on the old device.
    11-27-2016 09:39 PM
  3. Queena Yang's Avatar
    If it does not work, you can use some third-party apps to transfer messages from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7.
    12-28-2016 02:58 AM

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