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    I've just got an iPhone, and wonder how many Contacts databases I need.

    My main email address is held by Virgin Media - ending with [redacted]. I also have a gmail address, whose Contacts file is synced with [redacted] on my PC..

    Googling confuses me with umpteen ways of setting up my email and Contacts.

    My [redacted] Contacts file is held on the Virgin server and within Microsoft Outlook on my PC. I want it to be synced to something on my iPhone.

    I'm confused whether (1) it will automatically be generated on my phone when I set up my email, (2) whether I need to get it there by syncing via my gmail address, or (3) whether I need to activate iCloud, or (4) all three.

    Can anybody explain the simplest method, how different copies of my contacts would be held, and what would synchronise them?
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    11-16-2016 01:09 PM
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    Hi! From your question I can understand that you have 2 primary acounts with some same contacts in both of them.
    And I think you want to set up email for both the accounts and contacts for jusy one of those. Am I right?
    11-16-2016 08:27 PM
  3. SolihullRog's Avatar
    Hello, and thank you for replying.

    Yes, I have two email accounts - blueyonder being my primary via Microsoft Outlook on my Windows PC, and gmail being my secondary.

    I use gmail for webchat, purchasing enquiries, free online space, and other ad-hoc reasons.

    I want one set of contacts which is shared between all my devices - Windows PC, iPad, and my recent iPhone.

    I synchronise blueyonder contacts and gmail contacts via an Outlook add-on, on the PC (gsyncit).

    I now want to synchronise everything with my iPhone. I've seen YouTube articles which suggest that I MUST use iCloud, but I'm beginning to wonder why.

    I think that setting up gmail (for the contacts, but I don't need the email) on the phone, and using my blueyonder email account should do the trick. I have an iCloud account, but my only real use for it is for Find My iPhone. Do I need to do anything else with it?
    11-18-2016 02:26 AM

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