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    I have a new iPhone 7 (Latest SW) and did a reset.
    Now during the setup process I had an issue with the two-way authentication so I did a few more resets to test this, here is the issue.

    During setup I sign in to my Apple ID, I have two-way authentication setup so on the next screen I get the request to put my code in, nothing happens.
    I request my code a few more time, nothing comes.
    So I go back a screen and chose not to log in to my Apple ID at that moment, so when I carry on setting up I donít get asked for the code for the authentication.

    Now when I get in to my phone the text messages are there with the codes, so it seems that they are sent but just not populating automatically like it should.
    Of Course I can then log in to Apple ID once my phone is setup up but I like it to work in the first place and setup as I go.

    Any ideas on why this happens?
    11-16-2016 03:16 AM

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