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    I just tried to syncronize my pictures from the Mac to the IPhone, as usual through ITunes. Normally this worked within minutes, but not after I updated the IPhone to IOS 10. At the beginning I got a strange message on the IPhone saying that just a small amount of pictures where downloaded and I had to connect the IPhone to power to finish. The message was: "150 Photos Scanned. To finish scanning your remaining 655 photos, lock your iPhone and connect it to powe". This even if in ITunes the synchronization seemed to have worked perfectly. After a while it seems things are slowing moving forward, but my big issue is that I created different Albums on my Mac, dividing the photos by category. Up to now I always managed to get this albums on my iPhone, by determining in Itunes from where the photos had to be synchronized. This seems not to happen now after this damned update... How is this to fix? Sarah H
    11-03-2016 04:23 PM
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    Duplicate post
    11-03-2016 07:00 PM

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