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    The forum had a person asking a simple question regarding the technical response of the iPhone.

    The responses seemed very subjective - “why are you typing such a long text”, “you should type it first somewhere else and then paste it into text”

    Just answer the question if you can. This person is asking for help, they are not asking for judgement and/or criticism.
    Simply saying, "I don't know" doesn't help much. Which is why I offered an option the avoid this problem. And if you're offended by people pointing out possible inefficiencies in a workflow, then I apologize. I'm in the business of offering solutions or alternatives...the first step in this is inquiring, "why".
    04-02-2018 08:44 AM
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    I look through threads often and would love to see an intelligent answer without the hyper subjective commentary. It isn't like the length of text is an issue as to why they are disappearing. While I have just tried to recreate this problem on my iPhone x I have not been able to recreate the issue.

    I originally thought it disappeared but if I put everyone on the group iMessage, the text reappeared. I hope that is the problem if using iMessage. I had to put all recipients in the same order and it showed up.

    For people like this, not necessarily you but you seem to fit the category.

    Q&A Team

    1. Business emails can be subpoenaed or monitored far easier than texts.
    2 iMessage and similar messaging are popular for group texting. So you don't see any situation where you start a text and it runs long because of any various reasons?
    3. People like to preface statements like, Honestly, i don't understand why you do that. Why say honestly? do you lie ever time you don't give us advance notice you are going to tell the truth now
    4. There is also the to each his type comment, which clearly wasn't the point of the message.

    Like I previously said, I would love to go to a Q & A and get an answer to question instead of everyone's opinion on why the person did something wrong and you are giving them advice for the future when they needs answers for something in the past. No doubt if you are going to compose something significant texting isn't the best way but I am not sure if any of you have kids but my daughter never launches her email app when she chats/group chats.

    I couldn't recreate the problem but I tried a few different scenarios. I composed text and didn't send. I powered phone off. Text was still there.

    I composed text and let phone run itself out of power. Again text was still there.

    I composed text and just let go to lock screen. Again text was still there.

    Since we are spending time not answering the question, why doesn't apple throw an unfinished text to drafts. I apologize for my ignorance but i thought droids does go to drafts (or am I wrong?) and I think they go to sent/deleted folder too.

    Wonder why iPhone doesn't have similar features. Wonder if message will have bcc. Dangerous feature on exchange, why doesn't it say, "Hey dummy you just hit reply to all and you were bcc'd so the sending did anyone on recipient list to know you have it).

    Back to original problems there is a bunch of freeware that said it would work as long as not over written. I will gave the classic stupid answer....IF you backed up phone in between composing test retrieve it from iTunes or icoud.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful and doing exactly what i complained about. Last annoying boring point, still to the point that people aren't considering why the text could be longer or exposed and why that could occur. From getting a call while texting like someone mentioned or you just get interrupted and have to continue later.

    I know many office workers that will avoid using office mail for personal reasons. Especially if you include the legal situations, they would have to go to Apple who I am sure would fight going up that info as opposed to your company.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

    No offense but it really isn't this deep. I apologize if you were offended by my response.
    04-02-2018 08:48 AM
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    Hi everyone...
    I’ve found a workaround for this problem, which has worked ok for me so far.....
    When you need to leave a partly-written iMessage, tap the ‘x’ in the top left corner of the screen to go back to the list of messages. Then press the home button.
    So far... when I return to finish a message, it is still there.
    Also, if you have time.. there’s always the ‘select all’ and ‘copy’ facility, whereby you can paste it back if it’s vanished on your return... providing of course that you haven’t subsequently used the copy facility for something else before returning to your message! If you have time... paste it into ‘notes’, and then copy and paste that back to messages if the original has vapourised on your return.
    Not perfect solutions, but I hope they help.
    All the best.. DG.
    Today 09:46 AM
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    I had the same problem on my iPhone 6.
    Here is the solution that I found.

    Go back to the contact that you were going to send the message to.
    Select "Send Message".
    The unsent message reappears.

    I did not find a "Send Message" option, and my message field appeared blank. I entered the field and selected paste. It brought back half of my message.
    Today 01:29 PM
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