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  1. iMore Question's Avatar
    When looking at the monthly view on iPhone calendar, Is there a way for dots on calendar to be color coordinated? for example all sixers games would be blue, all eagles game green, doctor appointments red?

    All dots are currently gray, which makes it difficult to determine what type of event it is without clicking on day.
    10-25-2016 10:57 AM
  2. Jeroen7's Avatar
    To be short, I don't think it's possible to have the grey dots in colour..

    But, you could create different calendars for different sort of events. That way you can also easily turn then on/off when you want to see only specific events.

    Although this will not change the colours of the dots, you'll see a different colour in the vertical bar before the event.
    In the month view you can also have the day shown in the bottom part of the screen. It's the button with the square and the two lines below it. Then you'll see the different events of that day.
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    10-25-2016 12:36 PM
  3. pkcable's Avatar
    And Flyers games orange? lol (I'm from Philly too!)

    Welcome to! Please join the site. It's easy, here's how...

    Ok I've worked out a way you can do it. Do you use icloud? It comes with 3 calendar settings Home, Work & Family all of which can be changed to different heading AND colors, you also can have a different category AND color for each email you add, THEN when you go to add the event JUST pick the correct email, or icloud section. Sound good?
    10-25-2016 12:42 PM

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