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    Just about to leave my corporate laptop behind and venture into the blogging and own website world. I have an IPAD and IPhone4 both of which I would like to upgrade now, what tools do I need to be able to blog, and manage the admin of website and interact with my followers easily. Should I purchase a laptop as well or could I manage on an upgraded IPAD such as the IPAD Pro with a keyboard, maybe supported (or not needed) by an upgraded Iphone such as the 6S? Or should I just get a Mac to replace my corporate laptop?
    10-25-2016 06:18 AM
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    Welcome to iMore!

    I would not even begin to think about taking on an adventure like that with an iPad & iPhone. Those or good tools to have for after the fact but not to build. I would consider a MacBook or iMac for the initial build of the site. I build and maintain several sites, which I could never do on an iPad. You won't need a top of the line computer, but I would suggest a mid-range. This way it will last you several years.

    I do all my work on a 27" iMac BTO, but that is overkill. Although I do use it for serious editing which is why I need it. A 13" MacBook or 21" iMac will more than suffice to do the job. The iPad or iPhone are good tools for when you are away and want to answer or manage your site.
    10-25-2016 06:48 AM

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