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    Hi, so.. my other half is saved on my contacts under "my babe", always been like that, tonight it was still like that I even rang him and still had his "usual" name and then I put my phone down for 15mins or so, had a message from him and when I went to check, it had been changed completely and excuse the language.. it was saved as "********". I went to check everywhere if any other changes... no Just this contact was changed, I had no one next to me that would of done it without me looking or anything. Was wondering has this ever happened to anyone else?
    Do you think I have been hacked?? Help
    Thanks for help in advance!
    10-19-2016 04:23 PM
  2. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! I've seen info in contacts change. It's usually from social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I recently added a profile pic to a new contact. The photo changed right before my eyes to a pic this person uses on Twitter. I think the email address invites the change. Hacked? No. That doesn't happen.
    10-19-2016 05:00 PM

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