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    Hello, all:

    I have an iPhone SE running iOS10.0.2.

    In the past (on this phone), I have been able to create .csv files with events that I import into my Google Calendar and then export to an .ics file which I email to myself.

    Normally, when I open that file, an "Add All" option appears to add all the events to the calendar on my iPhone.

    I tried the exact same process yesterday, and here's what happens (I tried the entire process of creating the .ics file twice, did a hard reset, and restarted the iPhone more than once):

    1. The .ics opens just fine from mail. All of the events appear on a list. There is no error message.
    2. However, there is no "Add All" option. Instead, the only options are to click on an individual event or click "Done."
    3. Here's where it gets weirder: When I click on a single event and click "Add to Calendar", it send me to the "Choose Calendar" page, where I can pick a color and press "Done." This works with the first event, but every subsequent event sends me back to the "Event Details" page and the event is not saved to the calendar. If I close "Mail" completely and reopen it, the next event on the list can be added, but this only works for the next event on the list. After that, I have to restart mail each time I want to add a subsequent event for that list.

    I would appreciate any help, but please note that I am not interested in different *software* in order to make this work. It is obviously some kind of glitch, and I would like to fix it.

    Thanks in advance!
    10-17-2016 08:31 AM

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