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    I have an iPad 2 Wi-Fi 64 GB Model A1395 since july 2011 and last year I started having issues with the battery. Not in terms of it draining too fast, but simply acting weird.

    At first the only problem seemed to be an inaccurate reading in the battery indicator, often staying invariant for long periods of time.

    But then, the battery drained. It showed the low battery symbol with an indicator to plug it in. After plugging it in, this indicator dissappeared, showing that the iPad was indeed connected. However it would take extremely long times to be able to turn it on again, and when it deed, the battery indicator was unreliable.

    The problem seems to only be getting worse. This summer I had it plugged in for many days without being able to turn it on, so I gave up and disconnected it. Afew weeks ago, when I plugged it in, it turned on instantly, with the battery indicator stuck at 19%. I left it plugged for several days (without the indicator changing), and then unplugged it to use it on my bed. After 5 minutes or so it turned off, and haven't been able to start it since. It's not a cable problem because I have tried with several ones, including a new one, without success. Also, the cable seems to be working fine because my sister's iPad does charge with the same cable, and my iPad does know that it is connected.

    I'm assuming it is a hardware problem and that I should replace the battery, but would want to hear some confirmation.
    10-08-2016 04:52 PM
  2. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! Sounds like the battery is on it's last leg. You'll need to replace it soon. My iPhone 5 did like that.
    10-08-2016 05:47 PM

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