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    it is my understanding that you have to use a third party camera app to shoot in raw/dng, can you use portrait mode to shoot "shallow depth of field" shots in the raw/dng format?
    09-30-2016 02:58 PM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    Not sure if the question was the ability to shoot raw/dng format or to shoot with s shallow depth of field.

    Shallow depth of field is a result of either a combination of or one of the following: large aperture, long focal length, large sensor. Unfortunately, none of these are present in mobile phones, or at least they can't compete with the results from full cameras. Not even the iPhone 7+ can complete with a real full frame 50mm f/1.8.

    However, a similar but grossly unnatural effect (unless you're really good in mimicking real background blur) can be done in post-processing, which is why I suspect you were concerned about raw/dng format. But do you really need raw/dng to be able to produce the same effect in post processing?

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    09-30-2016 03:35 PM

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