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    I recently switched from my iPhone to a moto x pure edition. I decided after a few days that it just simply wasn't for me, so I switched back to my iPhone only to find out that my visual voicemail isn't working. I've contacted the carrier and they've been no help at all. They say that they can't guarantee vvm to work on iPhone because they didn't write the app for it. The only assistance that they've been is to reset my voicemail pin so that I could access the mailbox from dialing in. Does anybody have any advice? Fwiw this is an iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 10. I've already cleared network settings and that didn't help.
    09-14-2016 05:42 PM
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    Did you figure this out?

    I just restored my wife's Sprint backup to my unlocked AT&T iPhone 6, then activated Cricket. Everything works well, except for Visual Voicemail. When I go to voicemail it calls the service instead of downloading the recordings.

    Technical support was inept. I was told I needed version 6.0xxx or above (I had to explain to the agent that I was running iOS 10, and that 10 was larger than 6). Then I was told Visual Voicemail is not supported on non-cricket phones (which makes little sense, and goes against everything I've I've seen online). Support then told me they don't have any Tier 2 support, I could call back if I didn't like the answer I was given. Arg!

    I too have reset Network settings, restarted the phone a number of times. bah.

    10-02-2016 11:39 AM

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