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    Anybody have issues with the shipping address on iPhone 7 preorders? The shipping address defaulted to the billing address on the AT&T account, which is not where I am located. There is no way to change this during the order process. In the past I have called Apple after the order is placed and they have updated the address. I called today, and the lady I spoke with said she was unable to update the address. She said I would have to go through AT&T to update the shipping address on the Apple order. She transferred me to AT&T, and I went through 3 different departments before being transferred back to Apple. Currently sitting on hold....again. Has anybody had to change the shipping address and been successful?
    09-09-2016 05:25 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    If anyone has, hopefully, they'll reply soon.
    09-10-2016 07:59 AM

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